How do I perform a reset or clear an error on Cobi 18?


Step 1:  Turn off the main on/off button. 

Step 2: On the touchscreen, confirm you want to "power off immediately" by tapping the button on the screen.

Step 3: Let the machine boot down and completely turn off.

Step 4: Once the unit is completely shut down (the touchscreen will go dark and the blue light of the on/off button will turn off) open the panel door to access the battery.

Step 5:  Next, turn off the main battery button located on the battery. The blue light will turn off.

Step 6: Wait 2-3 minutes before turning the battery power back on. Once the 2-3 minutes is up, turn the battery power back on (the button will glow blue again).

Step 7: Wait another 2-3 minutes before turning the main machine on/off button back on. *Note: waiting the 2-3 minutes is critical to a successful reboot.

Step 8: After going through these steps, if you are still experiencing issues please reach out to our Client Care Team.