Intelligent Cleaning Machines Training

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Welcome to ICE Robotics i-Synergy Virtual Training! ICE Robotics is dedicated to helping you and your team get started with our intelligent scrubbers and sweepers. Our virtual training includes long-form training videos, maintenance & quick tip videos, operator & parts manuals and an option to setup a virtual call with one of our equipment specialists to serve your training needs. 

Ready to Get Started?

i20BTL Training Video

i28BTL/i32BTL Training Video

iS1100L Training Video

Downloadable Machine Manuals

i20 Machine Manual

i20BTL Manual

i28/i32 Machine Manual

i28/i32BTL Manual

iS1100L Machine Manual

iS1100L Manual

Rs26 Machine Manual

RS26L Manual

Maintenance Videos


How to Change the Solutions Filter

How to Fill the Solutions Tanks

How to Change/Remove Pads

How to Charge the Machine

How to Change & Clean Squeegees 

How to Clean the Recovery Filter


How to Engage the Parking Brake

How to Charge the Machine

How to Remove/Change Pads

How to Replace Solutions Filter

How to Clean/Change the Squeegee 

How to Fill the Solutions Tank


How to Change Debris Hopper 

How to Change Dust Filter

How to Change Brush


How to Fill & Clean Tanks

How to Change the Pads

How to Change Squeegee Blades

How to Check Filter for Clogs

How to Check Solutions FIlter

How to Charge

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Our customer service team is here to help you through virtual training. You can reach us daily Monday-Friday between the hours of 8am-5pm EST.