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Cobotics is the collaboration between front-line workers and machines or robots. Cobots 
are collaborative robots which carry out repetitive or strenuous tasks which would otherwise be performed by an employee, but they work alongside that individual or team, not in their place. Cobots like Whiz are instructed and monitored by people on the ground and are there to support workers.

Within cleaning, a team of workers operates alongside Whiz or several cobots, with tasks assigned based on the relative strengths and capabilities of people and machines. That means that Whiz does heavy-duty vacuuming of large areas of floor, which frees up workers to focus on other important tasks, such as surface disinfection. This can be a great opportunity to level-up the services you offer – and drive new income.

Cobots like Whiz carry out the repetitive and time-consuming tasks where they can deliver a higher and more consistent level of hygienic cleaning than human workers, and cleaning staff more valuable and varied tasks which make a real difference to overall service levels.

The cleaning industry is facing huge challenges in finding and retaining high quality talent. Staff attrition rates of 200 % a

The introduction of cobotics liberates cleaning professionals from the strain and mental drain of repetitive work. Cleaners can undertake more varied and fulfilling work and have the satisfaction of seeing improvements in overall the norm and many contractors face a constant struggle to recruit the people they need. Cobotics can help, boosting engagement within teams and, as a result, improving retention rates. And when required, cobots like Whiz can pick up the slack when problems arise due to staff churn or absenteeism.

Not only this, but cleaning teams that work alongside cobots have the opportunity to engage with and manage the latest cutting-edge equipment’s enabling them to develop new skills and competencies in some of the hottest areas of technology


Advantages Of Deploying Whiz Cobot In Your Business

Businesses are able to fulfill key parts of their servicing agreements with significantly increased efficiencies, in terms of cost, performance and consistency. For tasks such as vacuuming, which has traditionally been a huge drain on resources, and subject to huge inconsistencies in performance, the introduction of Whiz cobots is genuinely game-changing.

By automating vacuuming, Whiz standardizes the cleaning process across teams and increases cleaning consistency and frequency. Whiz is the first autonomous vacuum sweeper that offers real data about each cleaning.  Whiz Connect provides usage metrics and other data analytics to confirm performance and improve efficiency and effectiveness over time.

The introduction of cobots allows providers to meet and exceed service levels without additional resource. What's more, cobots capture cleaning data as they go, and this data is shared and stored through the cloud so that managers can measure performance, track and deliver cleaning reports to continually optimize operations.

In fact for the first time, FM providers can demonstrate how innovation within their operating model is delivering a cleaner, more hygienic building environment, and accelerating the wider smarter buildings agenda. In this way, cobotics really does represent the future, where smart buildings will require smart cleaning.

Setting up Whiz is easy- Manually map a cleaning route on Whiz to clean a space once and from there on, it can run the same route itself, with no downtime, no extra work required.

Adoption of cobotics is not just about technology, it also involves fresh thinking and innovative approaches to procurement. Businesses benefit from flexible leasing models, deploying Whiz ‘as a service', rather than through traditional purchasing models. So rather than having to commit to large capital expenditure up front, with little certainty of life-span or long-term value, contractors will be able to pursue their innovation programmes and access the very latest technologies on a totally flexible and scalable basis, through a fixed monthly cost.

This cobotic leasing model provides business leaders with full visibility and control on costs, with all servicing and product upgrades included. What's more, they can use the data collected by cobots to continually optimise cleaning operations and make informed decisions around resourcing structures.

Cobotics is as much about a commitment to innovation, smart working and efficient operations, as it is about automation and robots. It requires a major shift in thinking, amongst both business leaders and the workers who are engaging with cobots at the workplace.

For the cleaning industry to move towards this exciting, cobot-inspired future, we need to re-frame the narrative around automation.

The real impact of automation will not be in replacing people, but in changing the types of work that most people carry out dai

ly. Cobots like Whiz will improve and enrich working lives within cleaning, rather than threatening them.

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